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Hey all!

I don't know if I'm allowed to be doing this...if not, my apologies...remove my post.

I am new to this community and looking to make some new friends. Tool and APC fans in particular (obviously.)

If you're keen, feel free to add me. Guys and girls, any age, skin colour, sexual orientation...it's all good here.

Cheeeeeers :)
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APC Icons

Hola! I made a huge amount of APC icons, with lots of Maynard. Some of the APC icons are not work safe.

[8] Cristina Scabbia
[2] The Mummy
[36] Linkin Park
[42] Weak and Powerless, A Perfect Circle Video
[101] The Outsider, A Perfect Circle Video
[37] Judith, A Perfect Circle Video
[41] 3 Libras, A Perfect Circle Video
[17] Thinking of You, A Perfect Circle Video
[23] Counting Bodies Like Sheep to the Rhythm of the War Drums, A Perfect Circle Video
[17] Bikini Bandits: Sauvent Le Monde (feat. Maynard James Keenan)
[32] Bikini Bandits Experience (feat. Maynard James Keenan, Cory Feldman, and Dee Dee Ramone)
[7] Misc A Perfect Circle
[363] Icons in all


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This post was too large to fit into one entry, so it's divided into Part 1 and Part 2. Just click the link below and it will take you to the "glossary".

What'll it take to get it through to you, precious?

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I'm seeing Tool for the first time this Saturday...and...omg.


So excited...obviously.

I know that Maynard would probably loathe this idolization of him but...I just love the man.

I've constantly been frustrated by celebrities. Reading interviews by them always made me sick to my stomach. Maynard is one of the few celebrities that I respect...I truly believe that he's completely unaffected by all this media bullshit. It's probably not even fair to call him a celebrity. Musician would be a better term.


I'm too fucking excited for Saturday.


It's in New Jersey btw...for anyone who's wondering. Not the Atlantic City one, which is in July. I forget the name of the place for this one...
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Maynard is a beautiful man with a fantastic and mesmerizing voice. i just saw Tool in concert on the 26th of May and it was a life altering experience, i just love Tool so fucking much and i also love APC, i just love Maynard i could and do listen to him for hours and it never gets old it just gets better. his voice and lyrics are amazing and i will always love the way his voice moves me and makes me feel.     

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(no subject)

Hey everyone.

If this is not allowed, I really apologize but I thought maybe you all could help me.

Next week is my and my boyfriend's anniversary. He LOVES Tool, so I bought him and MP3 player and I am going to fill it up with Tool songs as a gift. But I am having a really hard time finding them on Limewire and what not. He has the CDs, but he would definitely noticed if I took them for a couple of days. Does anybody have any albums either uploaded or they would be willing to upload for me? I already found 10,000 days and Lateralus thankfully!

Again I'm sorry if this isn't allowed, but I am on the desperate side now.

Thanks again!


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Hi There!

Wow guys, we need to do something to get some activity in here! :)

I'll break the ice...
Uh... how many people downloaded Choke and Yesterday's Today thinking they were APC?
[They're not]

Uh... What's the best Tool song/cd and why?
What's the best APC song/CD and why?
What do you think of APC's hiatus?
Do you feel Tool is evolving or that they were better in the beginning?

... my answers...
*I downloaded them. Then a friend showed me the band that really did those songs. Can't remember who they are but I can find out. lol.
*To me, the song H. has always captured and mesmorized me. It always will. Mainly for it's beauty and mystery.
*I enjoy the CD 10,000 Days the best because I wasn't a HUGE Tool fan until I bought the CD and really listened to it. I was always just an APC fan. Now I have most of the Tool CDs and I listen to them the most :)
[Listening to Lateralus on my iPod right now :)]
* I like 3 Libras by APC the best. It was the first song I heard by them, the only song I can play on guitar and... it's just beautiful.
*I think Mer De Noms is their best CD. I can't explain it. It's just pure brilliance.
*Their hitus saddens me because I have never seen them live and probably never will.
*I think Tool is evolving into something bigger then even they can cmoprehend. They're amazing. Pure genius.
There is always something special about their earlier work, but they are definatly becoming Gods now.


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Yay being new

Well, I've been a Maynard James Keenan fan for quite some time now. Hm, my name is Tyler...I've adored Maynard for a good 6 or 7 years and continue to do so with all of my heart. The man's voice and lyrics are beautiful and there's nothing more I can say about that. He's just grabbed me by my heart, pulled me into a whole new world, and made me view some things a bit differently. I've seen him twice...both times absolutely amazing...Just...like heaven.

But aye, that's it.
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